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The Legend



The Fourth Canto of Vamana Purana narrates the origin of Thirupputkuzhi temple. The narration, running to 60 verses, as told by sage Brugu to sage Bharathwaja extols the noble deed of Jatayu, the old Eagle King.



Sri Rama appeared before Jatayu in the divine form of Sriman Narayana, bedecked with all his sacred ornaments , with sangu and chakram and with His divine consorts on his sides.

And the Lord, with folded hands, declared :

"By this act of committing your life at the altar of service, Jatayu, you have attained the abode of great savants. You shall come to my supreme Heaven. Let this spring attain fame as Gridhra Pushkarini. Let all the sacred rivers confer their presence in this tank."